Terms and Conditions


Data and transaction security is extremely important and we are therefore taking all the necessary steps to ensure it. To do this, we use data encryption methods. Customer data is never disclosed to third parties and while browsing the site remain encrypted and not visible to third parties unauthorized.

Encryption applies to all phases and all processes for the transaction and transmission of your personal data – data from and to viti.gr. You only know the details of accessing your account. In case of data loss, please let us know.


All payments made using a card are processed through Piraeus Bank’s electronic payment platform.


Cookies are small pieces of information in the form of plain text stored on our computer when we visit several pages on the Internet. The information stored in cookies depends on the page. The text of cookies may include our user ID, session ID, when we last visited a particular page, our personal preferences on the page,

Storing our personal preferences is the most useful application of cookies. Without cookies, our personal preferences would be impossible to store, and whenever we enter the web pages it would be as if we were first introduced.

Each page can store multiple cookies on our computer and the more we use our browser we can have hundreds to thousands of cookies stored at any time.

Cookies do not pose risks to the user’s / visitor’s computer on the site. If someone does not wish to collect information through cookies, they can set up their browser to delete the existing cookies on their hard disk and choose either to automatically reject all new cookies or to ask each time a cookie cookie is going to be installed on the computer hard drive if it wants to reject it or accept it.

Pres? however, users / visitors should be aware that choosing to disable cookies will make it more difficult or impossible to use the site’s parts and services.